Manufacturing processes play an essential role in keeping costs under control, ensuring safety and security, and in delivering top quality

Our manufacturing standards and capability have evolved with the challenging requirements of our utility clients. Quality, health and safety, environmental management and resource efficiency drives our LEAN manufacturing process. Our manufacturing team provides feedback on assembly processes, designs and materials to ensure the quality of every product. Our experience allows us to mitigate against problems before they become potential issues for our clients. We encourage each team member to maximise their potential, and the understanding of what we do to the benefit of all our clients.

The consistent quality of our manufacturing enables us to innovate while also reducing costs. This has been central to the longevity of Renley’s client relationships. By eliminating waste from our manufacturing process, we are determined to fully commit ourselves to rigorously improving our process techniques and assimilate best practices whilst adding value.
By persistently developing processes aligned to international standards, we have been able to support the enhanced complexity of distribution networks and provide turn-key solutions for emerging markets in Solar, Wind and Biomass.

The range of our products we manufacture to BS & DIN Standards include:

Our product range:

  • Low / Medium Voltage Fuse Panels
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Transformer Mounted Fuse Cabinets
  • Overhead Fuse Switches
  • Miniature Distribution Pillars
  • Telecom Meter Cabinets
  • Low / Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Pole Mounted Cut-Outs
  • Heavy Duty Cut-Outs
  • Grid Gain Units
  • Overhead Line Stirrups
  • Control Boxes
  • Fuse Carriers

*All products are manufactured to BS & European DIN Standards